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Let’s be honest.

We are not sexy, cool, or remotely entertaining.  We do not have legions of social media followers, nor do we really try to. Most OOH and in-store media vendors wish we would move to Siberia and never be heard of again.

We are a 3rd party proof of performance and research company specializing in OOH & DOOH Advertising Audits.

Our clients frequently hate our reports but love that they hired us. We always give them valuable insight to their programs and typically save them a lot of money. If you suspect your OOH / DOOH, in-store, or promotion vendors may not be delivering what you paid for – or if you want metrics and not darts on recall and a call to action, then let’s talk. And by the way, we have 24 years of partnerships with our clients and we are not moving anywhere.

OOH & DOOH Advertising Audits

Our Audit Process Works

CMS audits almost any form of OOH / DOOH media, in-store activities, and promotional programs via this proven process.


Phone, Webex, Skype, or we’d love to show up at your office.


We’ll design a cost effective program to determine if your contractual obligations are being met.


Our Field Professionals will inspect your programs quickly – and with photo documentation.


Details of the audit are entered from the field and reviewed by the CMS staff.


A report is emailed within 24 hours of each audit containing all details, photos, and a summary of our findings.