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Let’s be honest.

We are not sexy, cool, or remotely entertaining.  We do not have legions of social media followers, nor do we really try to. Most OOH, point of care, and in-store media vendors wish we would move to Siberia and never be heard of again.

We are a 3rd party proof of performance company specializing in OOH & DOOH Advertising Audits.

Our clients frequently hate our reports but love that they hired us. We always give them valuable insight to their programs and typically save them a lot of money. If you suspect your OOH / DOOH, in-store, or promotion vendors may not be delivering what you paid for, then let’s talk. And by the way, we have 25 years of partnerships with our clients and we are not moving anywhere.

OOH & DOOH Advertising Audits

CMS In The News

The Denial by OOH Agencies

November 29th, 2018|Comments Off on The Denial by OOH Agencies

OOH agencies and their specialists are very busy these days, which is reflective of an industry that is continuing to see record growth and is now approaching $8 billion in the US, according to the OAAA.  Many advertisers that have relied heavily on print, broadcast, and digital channels for their media mix are now realizing that #OOH has distinct advantages in targeting today’s mobile consumer and should be considered. Also, with the proliferation of new DOOH formats, improved data sources, and the efforts of Geopath, the industry is revolutionizing the way media measurement and insights are used to effectively reach consumers and establish new standards. However, some OOH agencies continue to be in denial by not demanding standards for accurately determining 3rd party performance metrics where OOH operates – in the field. Unlike most other media, there has been an assumption by many outdoor advertisers and their agencies that once an OOH or DOOH program goes live, barring [...]

25 Years of Being “The Billboard Police”

February 5th, 2018|Comments Off on 25 Years of Being “The Billboard Police”

I was explaining a business plan I had in early 1993 with an outdoor industry veteran, when he quickly responded with “You’ll be The Billboard Police”. I hadn’t really thought about my new business idea in that context, as I simply wanted to provide OOH advertisers with a 3rd party pre-ride and post buy audit service without sales influence or a vested interest. Advertising agencies at that time were beginning to scale back the expense of sending OOH field reps on the road each week, and after spending 15 years as an OOH buyer/field rep, I knew first-hand the value of having outdoor locations evaluated and inspected the old fashioned way – by a trained representative in the car. It was that reason that I started building an independent field network with a handful of experienced outdoor people that had moved on to other pursuits, but wanted to stay involved in the industry. In the early days [...]

Our Audit Process Works

CMS audits almost any form of OOH / DOOH media, in-store activities, and promotional programs via this proven process.


Phone, Webex, Skype, or we’d love to show up at your office.


We’ll design a cost effective program to determine if your contractual obligations are being met.


Our Field Professionals will inspect your programs quickly – and with photo documentation.


Details of the audit are entered from the field and reviewed by the CMS staff.


A report is emailed within 24 hours of each audit containing all details, photos, and a summary of our findings.