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OOH Proof & DOOH Proof are the only third-party services dedicated to the selection and auditing of all forms of Out of Home advertising. Utilizing the Carroll Network located in 94 North American DMA’s, CMS has protected the Out-of-Home advertising investment for a large group of blue chip brands and products since 1993.

“Accountability and excellence in operational execution is the difference between a successful OOH program and one that is not. There are numerous variables in OOH placement that can effect the proper display of your message. Third party audits of OOH programs are more important today than ever. Carroll Media provides the experience, services, and reporting systems that help us maximize our clients return on investment in OOH media.”
Chris Gagen
“We have worked closely with CMS over the past several years, and most recently on behalf of one of our most important clients. Their 24-hour reporting time provides important information about the status of our campaigns and allows our media team and clients to have up to date information about what is happening “on the street”. Media auditing is a valuable tool as part of any OOH campaign.”
Carol Rothschild
“Carroll Media has been a valuable asset to our OOH audit needs for several years. Their local market expertise has been very helpful in evaluating and monitoring outdoor programs in a timely manner. This quick turnaround time assists us in identifying any challenges before they arise to ensure that our client’s programs are executed according to plan.”
Connie Garrido



  • Insure Visible Locations
  • Monitor Condition of Copy
  • Inspect Illumination
  • On-Time Posting Verification
  • Insure Program Ran for Cycle
  • Determine Target Coverage Goals
  • Pre/Post-Buy Analysis



  • 3rd Party Proof of Play
  • Insure Operating Screens
  • Verify Audio Requirements, if any
  • Insure Program Ran for Cycle
  • Determine Target Coverage Goals
  • Pre/Post-Buy Analysis

OOH & DOOH Services:

Common Issues Reported Through OOH Proof & DOOH Proof

OOH Proof - Sagging Vinyl
Sagging Vinyl
OOH Proof - H&R Block - Blockage
OOH Proof - Lights Out
Lights Out
DOOH Proof - Dark Screen
DOOH Dark Screen
OOH Proof Poor Execution
Poor Execution
OOH Proof Graffiti