OutdoorAdTrak Posting Analysis is a CMS proprietary program that  provides an audience delivery rating/index for the Out-of-Home media buy – similar to what advertisers get with other media – and works with any OOH program that has impressions as a base for it’s currency. Reach and frequency is also computed.

 As a licensee of the TAB Out of Home Ratings, OutdoorAdTrak Posting Analysis uses this data with all TAB rated OOH programs.  Based on actual CMS field inspections to determine performance, some impressions are adjusted up or down (CMS Adjusted Impressions) for both TAB Rated and non-TAB Rated OOH programs.

 With OutdoorAdTrak Posting Analysis, and our compliance grade comparisons to historical audits, our clients receive actionable metrics and real performance ROI data.

 OutdoorAdTrak Posting Analysis is a value-added program that is included with all Carroll Media OOH post-buy audits.

OutdoorAdTrak Posting Analysis – Taking Outdoor Advertising Accountability to the Next Level

OutdoorAdTrak Posting Analysis Screenshot (click to enlarge)

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Posting Analysis Sample Report